Where we last left off, I was installing Windows 10 onto my Hack, dipping my toes in the Windows waters in anticipation of a full on transfer. After playing around with it for a few days I was getting a little frustrated with the slowness of it. That wasn’t the fault of Windows…it was the fact that I installed it onto a normal spinning SATA drive. And I’ve been using SSD drives on my home and work system for quite some time now, so I’ve gotten used to that speed. Windows was already frustrating me.

So I decided to buy an SSD and clone over the drive.  When I asked online (and friends who are Windows experts) what cloning software will accomplish this, as Carbon Copy Cloner is Mac only, I was given several options.  Acronis and Aomei were on the top of the list, and the guy at work who manages our edit systems had a code to activate cloning software that came with all the SSD drives he bought to upgrade the systems at work. Since they were all mac, he let me have this one. (Forgetting the name of it, might have been Acronis)

I also planned on cloning my Mac OS drive, as I tend to do this every 6 months so that anything I install on the working system is there. But first, the Windows clone.

So I installed it, and ran it…and it crashed the system…blue screen.  Restarting Windows says that there was some damage it needed to repair, so it did. I ran it again, it crashed again…and repaired again. So then I tried Aomei, it also crashed the system, ran it one more time and it crashed again…and this time I got the error that the system was so damaged that it couldn’t be repaired, would I like to archive my files and reinstall the OS.  Well, great.

Since I really hadn’t done much with that system, other than installing Resolve and Avid Media Composer, and a couple test projects, I decided to not restore that system, but rather install fresh on the SSD drive…forgoing all the issues I have with cloning.  So remove the SATA drive, install the SSD…boot from the installer, and look for the drive. It is a 250GB Samsung, and was listed right there as DRIVE 0.  I ran the installer…and it failed.  And failed again. Then I realized that I needed to put in my Windows SN as I wasn’t connected to the web.  So I go to install it again. Now, every time I go to install, I need to wipe the drive…not FORMAT it, I need to delete the partition so the installer can partition it. Only it partitions it into 3 parts, so I have to delete them all, otherwise I end up with MANY fragmented formatted bits.

I try to install a 3rd, 4th time. NOPE.  What the hell?  So I boot to my Mac Partition, format the drive Fat32, and then go back into Windows installer and see if that helps in any way.  No…it didn’t. Now, oddly, the Drive 0 is showing up as 380GB, not 250, and has one other partition that’s 90GB. So formatting it with the Mac was making this drive show screwy numbers (or so I thought). OK, dammit. Back to doing it here, so I click on the partition, delete it and…

Wait, a 380GB partition, and a 90GB partition….that added up to the size of my MacOS. OH SHIT! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! I just erased the partition on my MAC OS! before I cloned it! My project files are gone! MONKEY’S UNCLE, CRAP! Yep, I try to boot to the Clover Hack boot screen and nope…it’s gone. GONE!  And I haven’t backed up for 6 months! Crap, I need to get a Time Machine drive on this machine…shit shit. Why the heck was my MacOS drive NOW called DRIVE 0, when before the WIN drive was Drive 0? Drive assignments are through the connection on the motherboard. I don’t understand, but that’s what lead me to partitioning the wrong drive…the Drive 0 assignment. Ugh.

OK, cut to the chase.  I did get Windows installed finally, the issue was my Thunderbolt RAID was connected and detected and that threw Windows for a loop. When I disconnected ALL drives but the one I was installing onto, installation was easy.  On the MacSide, I bought Disk Drill to recover my files, and I was able to grab the two Avid Project Files I needed, but NONE of the Resolve project files, because those are buried in the System Library, and Disk Drill didn’t get any of the system files.  LUCKILY I had exported all of the finished projects to individual archive drives, and had done so for all the projects I graded. The only issue was that I had QC notes that I addressed on a project that weren’t backed up, so I need to redo those. Although I had already exported the QT files and delivered them, so I was covered in that respect.

I was able to reinstall the HackOS (Clover build)…this time without any help. I did have to google a couple things, and remember a couple others, in order to get it to install properly, but I was able to do it. I’m now back up and running.  I just need to go back and redo those fixes so that they are in my project file as well as the exports.

(The crashing might have been due to the cloning software only compatible with Win 7 and Win 8…at least that’s the theory floated to me. I do know that Carbon Copy Cloner on the Mac side is slick and simple…bing bang boom, done.)