I got the script for my episode today.  It reads exactly like a narrative script.  And, well, it is.  Full of recreations, and written in normal script form. Now, I can’t post the script online, not even one page.  But…for example, it goes like this:


And old house sits tucked into a the middle of a small cul de sac.  Several vehicles fill the driveway and surrounding street.


And then the narrator says a line, and then it cuts to the interior for scene 2 where several people engage in conversation…all in normal script style.  Then it cuts to interview bites, and goes back and forth between interview and the recreations.  This makes me wonder if I should get Script Sync.  Wondering if it would be worth the cost.  I’m only doing three episodes.  I might see how the first one goes without it.  I see that there is a free trial, but it points to an old Avid Media Composer download page.

Anyway…reading the script tonight.  After that, I’ll watch an old episode online. I receive the drive with the project file and footage tomorrow morning via FedEx.