*snifff!*  I love that new computer smell.

Yes, I did it.  I got a new MacBook Pro.  2.3Ghz i7 with 8GB of RAM.

My older one…a 2008 model…had a cracked LCD that I tried to replace, and it worked for a while, but the panel just won’t continue to work. Loos connection.  And then my entertainment center MacMini died (logic board), so I put my old MBP in the entertainment center…and waited 3 weeks until WWDC and the new MacBook Pro announcements.  It paid off…a new one was released.

But TWO were released.  An updated original, and the new ‘retina display’ model.  I opted to get the updated original, as it has all the connection types I need, and I can update components when I see fit. The new Retina MBP is non-upgradeable.  The RAM is soldered on, the battery is glued in, the hard drive is soldered and glued, the GFX card is soldered in.  If anything breaks…you need to send the unit in and get it replaced. Plus I hate…and I mean totally despise…the GLOSSY display.  They blow chunks.  Rarely am I in “ideal lighting conditions” with my laptop.

So I special ordered the new updated MBP.  And it arrived today.  Woot!

But, it shipped with the most current OS, 10.7.4.  As it should.  Only I plan on installing Avid Symphony 6 on this, as well as FCP Legacy and Adobe CS6, and the current version of Avid MC and Symphony is only supported on 10.7.2.  So…I’m going to install Lion fresh, and then the combo update to 10.7.2.  And then copy over all my data and install apps.  I do plan on using this on my new Avid show, just to see how it performs vs my 2008 MacPro.

EDIT: Seems I cannot even BOOT to Lion 10.7.1.  That’s surprising.  I knew I couldn’t boot to a previous major OS, like Snow Leopard.  But a dot.update?  Surprising.  Guess I’ll be running Symphony under a non-supported system for the time being.