Well, I find that I haven’t much to blog about lately. I use this to share with people my experiences in editing…challenges I face and tips I might have. And since FCP X came out, I have made the decision to move back to the Avid platform. The only thing is, I am employed by a company that still uses FCP 7. And all my side work continues to be with FCP 7. So I have no breaking news on how I am transitioning back to Avid.


But, I do have a nifty MPEG STREAMCLIP tip. This app is quite the “swiss army knife” of an app. I use it to rip DVDs to editable formats…other formats to editing formats, like AVI, WMV (with the Flip4Mac plugin), other QT codecs.

OK…so I am doing this one project that required me to deliver a streaming MP4 file in the H.264 format.  I misread the email (crap) and encoded to .MOV.  Well, their web host requires MP4, not MOV.  But the compression I did, thru a lot of trial and error, looked good.  I didn’t want to go through all of that again with MP4.

Then Andy Mees (the man who brought you Andy’s Region Blur, and other fantastic FREE tools) told me that converting MOV to MP4 is a very simple process with MPEG STREAMCLIP. It will only but putting the file into a new wrapper, no re-encoding.  All I needed to do was drop the clip into MPEG STREAMCLIP, select “SAVE AS,” and choose MP4.  A few seconds later (this is a 95 min file…700 MB)…and wham bam thank you ma’am…I have an MP4.

And the client is happy.

(Thanks Andy)