I have a new podcast sponsor…Blackmagic Design. So that means that very soon, like this week, THE EDIT BAY podcast will be starting up again. Bi-Monthly. And due to this sponsorship, I have some new equipment to play with: A Decklink Extreme 3D capture card and RESOLVE.  And to ensure that RESOLVE works, I also added  an NVidia GTX 280 graphics card.  Things are quite tight…double wide GFX card, and a two slot capture card (HDMI uses up a slot).

Anyway, I started out my capture card ownership with a Decklink SD card…but then move on to an AJA Kona LH card, then used the Kona 3…then the Matrox MXO 2 and MXO2 Mini.  So for at a few years I have used the AJA Kona cards, and for a couple of years I used the MXO 2…and I feel that I know both systems very well.  It is time that I kicked the tires on Decklink and see how things go with them.  Plus, I want to see how RESOLVE might fit into my workflow, especially since I use Avid quite a lot recently.

I like being well rounded…and able to give honest working opinions on hardware and software.  So let’s see how this year goes.