Sorry for the LONG delay in posting anything. Tough finding things to post about. I will have more soon, I am just in the middle of a project, not done yet, so I can’t post a tip that I’ll be using on that. And not much earth shattering in terms of workflow or tips have come across my desk. Although I owe a few reviews…I’ll be doing those soon.

But I digress.

The tip I am about to give I can’t take credit for. It is from an email in my INBOX from the AVID-L Yahoo group. It was a neat and amazing trick, so I kept the email. And I think it’s time to pass it on. It was given by “Red Truck” of Red Truck Productions (

Let’s say you have this drive full of Avid media…but lack a project file that points to that media. How do you access it? Sure, you can go into the Media Tool and find ALL of the media on every drive in the system…but how about just the SPECIFIC media on that drive. There are ways to narrow it down in the Media Tool, but the tip I have will get you access to that media in seconds, with a two step process.

Step 1: Make an empty bin. Done with the click of a button.

Step 2: Open the drive, then the Avid Media Files folder, then the MXF folder, the the numbered folder (usually “1”). Now drag the MMOB.mdb index file from that folder into the bin you made.

BAM! It populates with footage…all the media in that folder.

Now, I know this is easy with a Mac, as it doesn’t have that background plate behind the app that the PC version does (that I hope soon comes to the Mac version). You can see the folder behind Media Composer. Not sure if this works on a PC, as I don’t have one….but I know that many an Avid editor was whistling at that tip.