A buddy of mine, Bryce Randle of Post Fifth Pictures, popped in on iChat to ask me the question:  “Do you remember how to change the size of frames in the bin?”

Boy do I. That was one of the day to day tasks I did as an assistant editor on EVEN STEVENS. One editor liked to have all of the shots laid out by camera angle and take. One bin per scene, then say Scene 1A (Sc1A_1, SC1A_2), and the various takes all lined up, then Scene 1B, 1C, and so on. So I’d have the bin set to FRAME view. But, when you first do this, all the frames, icons…windows, whathaveyou, are all really small.

Well, we can’t have that. We need them bigger so we can see what the shot is. So I would make them bigger. And here’s the answer to Bryce’s question…how do you make them bigger?

Press CMD-L (command-L). This will make it get bigger by a notch.

Keep doing this until they are the size you want.

And if you want them smaller, press CMD-K.

These are the same keys you press to make the tracks…the ACTIVE tracks (the ones highlighted via autoselect) bigger and smaller on your timeline.