OK, the Long Beach job is on hold for two weeks – planned hiatus while they do more shooting.  One week for NAB, that I leave for on Sunday…and the other for a quick 6-10 day gig cutting a pilot for a TV show for a cable network.  Not a FULL pilot, but a 10 min pitch pilot.  I’ve cut a few of these in my day, and they can be fun…or they can be maddening.  Trying to make some old washed up actor into something fun…not fun.  But taking genuine good material and helping CREATE the look/feel of a show?  FUN!  This project looks like the latter.

So this will be my first big foray into AVCHD.  I have worked with it in the past, but only as footage from a second or third camera that came it, or personal stuff from a borrowed camera.  Nothing like full blown production.  This show was shot with the new Sony NXCAM camera.  Unlike the other projects where the footage was on a 16GB card, or 8GB card…this show has two folders, each with 53GB of footage at AVCHD compression…that’s 5 hours on each camera.  I am using FCP for this one, as it has a better AVCHD workflow at this time, and I want to use COLOR.

This footage is being converted to ProRes with Log and Transfer…and let me tell you, it is taking while.  When both cards are done I’ll give you the time it took.  Longer than realtime though.  And the cool thing about tapeless and Log and Transfer is that once the first clip comes in, you can now watch it, and add comments or rename it, while the rest are being imported.  Try that with tape!  I am capturing to an internal 500GB SATA drive.  We’ll see if I have enough space for this.  I should.

I like cutting these.  Quick, to the point, fun, fast paced.  With the possibility of going to series, and long term work.