Well, I suspect that the vanishing media doesn’t have anything to do with what version of Avid MC we were running.  I suspect that it has to do with the drives that are currently being used.  The main drive attached is big Avid SCSI Raid or something…but it is full.  So this project is on two USB drives.  And yes, the USB drives do play back the full res DVCPRO HD footage fine, albiet things are a tad sluggish.  But, since we have shoot days ahead, and the vanishing media issue, we will be getting a better drive solution soon.

In the meantime, I’ve finished roughing out Acts 1-3, and REALLY like Act 3.  So I have to go and fix Acts 1-2.  But, I have to finish stringing out Act 4 and filling it in before I start looking back.