First posted on Andy Mees’ blog (nice scoop!), Matrox will soon be releasing new firmware for the MXO2 line of capture devices.  One major bump the line gets is 16 channels of embedded audio via SDI, vs the current 8.  That is HUGE for those of us who need to deliver masters with 9-12 channels of audio.  Now, or soon, we’ll be able to do that, and still output that closed captioning data too.  Which I have yet to do, but look forward to doing at some point in the future.

Along with this firmware, comes new applications!

Vetura is coming.

It’s an all new standalone player app, and one of my favourite features of the new release … open, view and playback your captured files directly on your big screen through the Vetura player with no need to fire up FCP or the like.

OK, for the rest of this, go read Andy’s blog.  There is no current timeframe for this release, other than “coming soon.”  I know I’ll be anxiously awaiting.

(Thanks Andy)