OK, first I need to point out this old post from 2009.  To summarize the part I want you to pay heed to, the HVR-1500 deck that I had SO MUCH trouble capturing with in FCP?  Well, it is rock solid in Avid. Not one issue…not one slipped frame, not one dropped frame, not one reconnect issue.  The Avid treats this like any old deck….or, NEW deck.

It just works.

That is my new tag line for Avid.  “It just works.”  The NEW Avid, that is.  I won’t revisit my history with the older version that caused me to switch…that’s another topic.  But, I digress…

Here was the issue.  An outside client was planning on editing a show, or was in the middle of editing a show, on their Final Cut editing systems, when they saw in the networks specifications that the client required an Avid project file and Avid media as part of the show deliverables.  Well, now what?  So they contacted my boss and asked him advice on what to do.  They came to me, and I said, “Sure, this is very doable.”  That was when I busied myself getting Avid working on the company’s FCP online rig.

And I did do some testing, with a small sequence that I built in FCP and then using Automatic Duck Pro Export 4.0, brought into FCP.  But since I captured small clips and did the test, I didn’t FULLY test things.  I didn’t realize that after you brought the project over to Avid, that you needed to DECOMPOSE the sequence, as the clips that it brings over that are in the sequence, reference the full tapes.  Or the full captured clip.  But, Avid DECOMPOSE was easy and got me what I needed.

So here I am, capturing footage into the Avid Adrenaline 3.0.5, the deck from hell working like a charm.  (Darn it Apple, what’s up with that?)  I’ll be doing that today and tomorrow.

Wednesday, on to color correcting.

EDIT:  I spoke too soon.  TWO hiccups in the batch capture.  Both times Avid stating that there wasn’t enough pre-roll when there was.  Simply trying again made it work.  Still, two hiccups after 130 captured clips…opposed to 1 successful captured clip in 10 attempts on FCP…I’ll call that rock solid..ish.