At the next LAFCPUG meeting, Walter Murch, Steve Cohen and I will be talking Avid Media Composer.  I will open the show by showing off Avid Media Access (AMA)…getting tapeless footage into Avid…and the new Mix and Match feature where the Media Composer 4.0 allows you to mix not only various formats, but FRAME RATES…without rendering.  Very slick and something you must see.

Being that it is the LOS ANGELES Final Cut Pro User Group…this meeting of course is in Los Angeles.  So if you are in the LA area, and would like to attend, tickets are $8 and can be found on the link I provided above.


You can win one of three tickets that I have allotted to me to give away.  But I am not going to just GIVE them away, I will hold a contest.  I am going to ask a question that relates to both FCP and Avid…sorta.  And the first three people who reply with the correct answer to will get the tickets.


In the Avid Media Composer 3.0.5 release, they added a feature that Final Cut Pro has had for a while…MOVE ALL LEFT and MOVE ALL RIGHT.  You activate this by pressing a menu button on the timeline, then hovering the arrow above the spot you want to move, and click.  You can either move all from that point to the left, or to the right, or move all from IN to OUT.  This is a great new feature that allows Avid editors to open a hole in the cut and keep all of your L cuts and staggered edits intact.  This feature has been in FCP for a long time.

What is this feature called in FCP, and what key on the keyboard activates it?

Reply to  First three correct answers win tickets.  Please only reply if you plan on using them.

NOW…in case you aren’t in LA and really want to see the meeting…YOU CAN!  All of the LAFCPUG meetings are available from the Open Television Network…for between $.50 and $.99.  A deal really.