Well, not Daffy Duck, but a more…competent and less cartoony one.

If I said that I had a nasty OMF issue that I have NEVER seen before, and that the DUCK helped me fix it, would you understand what I mean?  I said that to my wife after she asked “how’s your day going so far?” and you could hear the silence on the other end when I replied with that above line.


So today I did something that I have done over 200 times with Final Cut Pro…exported an OMF for the audio house to start their mix.  Actually, the first time I didn’t do it.  I was busy juggling about 3 other things, so one of the offline editors did it.  But I told them what needed to be done.  Anyway, we did this export and sent it off, and the audio house calls the next day saying that only 5 tracks were in the OMF, where were the others?  Our timelines consist of 10 audio tracks, so this was a tad odd.  But what was odder still?  Sync was off.  WAY off.  Talking 2-5 seconds off, and just irregular.

So thinking that the offline editor messed up, I did the OMF.  Again, it is wrong.  Exact same issue.  First 5 tracks only, and not in sync.  Hmmm…  So I copy the sequence to a new project, new timeline, paste it, and re-export.  And I watch the progress as it goes.  After track 5, it stops.  Odd.  I boot to the drive with ProTools LE on it, open the OMF in a new session and…wow!  What a jumble.  Sync wasn’t the issue.  It wasn’t out of sync.  It was as if the audio slipped in a room full of banana peels.  The audio was on the proper tracks, but each clip was slipped all over that track.  Listening to it…was impossible.


So I stripped off tracks 1-5 and tried exporting 6-10.  It got as far as track 6, then stopped.  I stripped 6, it did 7 only. I stripped 7, it did 8-10.  Then I imported all into ProTools and…I don’t want to talk about it.  U-G-L-Y it don’t need no alibi.

I have to say that I have never ever seen anything like this.  Not on Avid, not on FCP, not with Media 100.  Never.  And I am on like 5 dozen FCP and Avid forums and I have never seen this ever come up.  None of my friends have heard of it.  Some odd thing out of the blue.  This wasn’t hitting the 2GB size barrier as the show was 23 min and never went above 1.75GB.  In fact, if it WAS hitting the limit, I’d get a warning.

Now comes the Duck.  Automatic Duck Pro Export 4.0 to be exact. I had this, but hadn’t used it yet on this show.  Got it for FCP to Avid project transfers mainly.  I did have experience using this software…I have an older version that I used a couple years ago for exporting OMFs from FCP to keep all my levels and pans and dissolves intact, before FCP 6 came along and included that.  So I knew it was good. With some “reminding” about this software (thanks Wes) I did the export with the Duck.

Damned if it didn’t work.  Flawless as all get out.

The Duck to the rescue.