Wow, another great plugin by my pal Patrick Sheffield of Sheffield Softworks, MOVIE COLOR.

Movie Color is a plugin for use within Final Cut Pro or Motion that gives you the ability to apply stylized “looks” to your footage. It comes with over 40 such looks pre-designed in the form of named presets. Many of these looks were developed from popular films such as Transformers, Harry Potter, Pelham 123, etc. All of these looks can be adjusted in minor scene-to-scene tweaking, or used as a starting point for a completely new look of your own. If you develop a look you’d like to share, name it and send it to me and it may be included in upcoming preset releases.

Movie Color allows you, through a variety of powerful methods, to build two tinted images and mix them back into your original image to varying degrees through the use of masks. A mask can be thought of as an adjustable stencil that allows you to control where and to what degree your tinted image is “painted” back over your original image. It also contains a Pre-Processing section that allows you to adjust the saturation, the brightness, and the contrast of your image as well as a “Bleach Bypass” setting.

Movie Color is an FxPlug plugin that utilizes the power of your graphics card to achieve a boost in processing. With a good graphics card, you can reach around 2 seconds render for every second of raw footage. Your mileage may vary. Movie Color requires at least 10.5 (Leopard) of the operating system and at least Final Cut Studio 2 (FCP 6/Motion 3).

If you’re intimidated by Color, try my Movie Color plugin – you can get great results without ever leaving the comfort of Final Cut Pro or Motion.

or more information, and to download a demo, visit Sheffield Softworks. The plugin’s normal price is $99, but currently has an introductory price of $20 off or $79.