I have been testing this application for a bit, and it is really cool.

P2 Flow

Made in collaboration between MXF4MAC.com and Spherico this handy application “provides editing of the original P2 metadata including MXF video/audio preview and unique workflow features for Final Cut Pro. It’s the only external application that is able to send MXF online clips to Final Cut Pro as well as offline clips that can be ingested with Log and Transfer.” That means that you can edit the metadata, then send use the application to send the clips with the new metadata to FCP for NATIVE access to the MXF files…OR…you can send the clips as “offline clips” that you can then use BATCH CAPTURE to import them into FCP as QT files. The first option is cool for the small one-man-band studios that have only one machine, but the QT import option is fantastic for the operation that has multiple machines but can only afford one copy of the application.

Here is a quick rundown:

– Full metadata editing
– Synchronized metadata editing for spanned clips
– Backward synchronizing of metadata for spanned clips – in case of incomplete spanned
clips had been edited
– Automatic Spotlight search for incomplete spanned clips
– Find function for metadata entries and batch metadata editing
– MXF video and audio preview (DV, DVCPRO25/50)
– AVC-Intra preview support on PPC when using recorded MP4 proxies
– Set in and out points for Final Cut Pro (DV, DVCPRO25/50)
– Send native MXF based online clips to Final Cut Pro (DV, DVCPRO25/50)
– Send offline clips to Final Cut Pro to batch ingest with Log and Transfer
– Full metadata mapping to Final Cut Pro
– Metadata mapping to QuickTime through Log and Transfer
– Memo List editing (DV, DVCPRO25/50, AVC-Intra proxies)
– Memo List mapping to Final Cut Pro markers
– Google Maps support for P2 location metadata (search only)
– Automatic angle mapping (for multicam setups) for Final Cut Pro based upon camera serial numbers
– VirtualTape function creates one single QuickTime movie from a selection of clips
– Visual feedback in the user interface for modified and unsaved P2 metadata
– Automatic update of Access Update metadata on changes
– Integrated user interface to work without cluttered windows
– Support for smallest MacBook display (1280 x 800) to work in the field

Let me highlight another feature for you: VirtualTape function creates one single QuickTime movie from a selection of clips. This means that instead of getting a MASSIVE amount of those small clips that P2 generates, you can join them as one big QT file…just like you might capture a huge section of tape. This is big…the first time I saw the massive amount of small clips P2 generated I was a tad overwhelmed. I like to have one big clip to scroll through for footage, and I had resorted to making selects Sequences for this purpose. But now…I don’t have to.

Take a gander…there is a demo available that will injest 3 clips…so that you can play around and kick the tires.

EDIT: P2 Flow will be demoed at the FCPUG SuperMeet in Amsterdam Sept. 13 at the Spherico and MXF4Mac tables by the authors themselves.