I dunno why, but I have been neglecting to read articles at Ken Stone dot net during the summer. I can’t explain why. That site is full of more FCP tips than any other. And a few great ones come from Steve Martin (no, not the comedian/actor) of Ripple Training. What’s new in FCP 7, the 10 Things I Love lists a few nuggets I missed.

– Adding Markers on the fly while you edit…with the ability to type in them while the video is playing

– The ability to export the Markers as a list! Duuuuude!

– The great changes to how FCP does speed changes, and still frames.

– Reveal Affilate clips in the timeline….select one clip, chose this option and ALL the instances that clip is in the timeline light up.

– Advanced Match Frame options


There are a few that have been there in FCP 6, but he might not have noticed, like ZOOM INTO PLAYHEAD.

But see…there are all these little changes that we seem to gloss over. Because BluRay support wasn’t implimented, or native AVCHD support, or whatever people are bitching about lately.