A special VIDEO edition of THE EDIT BAY is now available for download.

I have heard time and time again on the forums, and in person, people wanting…nay…DEMANDING “true 24p” monitoring with their capture card and HD monitor. I am here to tell you…”no, you don’t.” True 24p monitoring is possible, but no professional editor or colorist or online editor I know uses it. And this video podcast tells you…SHOWS you…why.

Shot on my iPhone.

To play in your browser or download direct, click here. Mind you this isn’t streaming…so it will need to download first. And it is 111MB, so it might take a while.

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EDIT: Hmmm…the iTunes download doesn’t seem to be working. It downloads…but then isn’t there. Tried this on two machines. I’ll work on it tomorrow.

EDIT 2, Electric Boogaloo: FIXED!