Sorry that there have been no substantive posts from me lately. Two projects happening, and I am shooting pickups for one of them. Then shooting a webisode for another. And trying to keep my yard from dying in this heatwave/drought….and kick the tires of FCP 7.

Which brings me to my post…I found a bug. Not a big one, but one that is a pain in the neck with the current show I am working on. But only because I tested in FCP 7 and exported the project via XML to get back to the 6.0.5 that the rest of the company is on.

When taking a project from FCP 7 back to FCP 6.0.5 via XML, v4…everything works BUT…Boris Title 3D. Not if there is just one or two…but many back to back. My lower thirds come up fine and render fine, but when I try to render the twenty Title 3D cards I have in the credits…FCP crashes. Just putting the playhead over them crashes the system…or loading the sequence I built them in. Has something to do with having that many back to back.

But this isn’t specific to FCP7>FCP 6. Apparently this is an ongoing issue…happened with FCP 6>FCP 5 as well.

So I had to open the project in FCP 7 off my secondary boot drive…make the changes to the credits, export them as an Animation codec, then bring that file into FCP 6.0.5 and tag it on the end.

Wondered what was happening. 4 projects all XML’d fine, but when I hit the credits…YOINK! Crash.