With the release of FCS 2009 (since there is no 3 anywhere in the name, I guess this is what we have to call it), there also came a couple really good online resources.

First, online help for all the FCS applications, called the HELP LIBRARY. This contains the manuals, fast pace introductions to the apps, and workflow tips.

Which brings me to my second link…

Final Cut Studio Workflowsis a comprehensive list of documents on the various workflows for FCP, starting with how to figure out solid post production strategies (things I have meetings about well before production starts), to ingesting your footage, organizing it, and outputting for final delivery. Want free consulting on workflows? There it is!

Now I will go back to reading the forums were people are bitching and moaning about what was left out or not implemented properly or how Apple no longer supports their 4 year old computers.