OK, I am working, so I have no time to talk about this. It is new, it was announced…my impressions will be minimal and only based on what I read. There are dozens of blogs and articles that are going on about this so I won’t bother, not until I get a copy and dig in.

Want to read a lot of articles on this? Apple stuff and full release notes? Michael Horton at LAFCPUG.org has made a list available on a discussion thread found here.

The things that excite me:

ProRes codecs…offline codecs! A viable offline/online workflow for tapeless. FULL RASTER and full size OFFLINE codec. Means no resizing of graphics and stills.

Markers that move with sequence…color coded. MARKERS THAT MOVE…DO YOU HEAR ME!?! Avid borrowed the TTTT command to select all to the right or left of a spot, FCP finally took a page from Avid, mimicing locator behavior.

AVCIntra native support. Not Native MXF support, but import AVCI in a QT wrapper as AVCI, not ProRes.

More P2 metadata upon import. Doesn’t look like it all, but a good amount.

More when I get it.