I am a recent fan of the Flanders Scientific monitors…I have a 1706W sitting in my bay and am loving it. Looking at it next to the Sony LMD and I shake my head. The FSI monitors are just good. Off axis especially.

ANYWAY, I have said this before. But now these guys don’t sit still. They don’t rest on their laurels and stick with the features that everyone else has….they go the extra mile. This is the benefit of the small company that actually LISTENS to their customers. They have just come out with new features for all their monitors based on customer requests. And all of these are FREE via a software download…how about that?

Take a gander at one new option:

Timecode Display. The monitors themselves can now display on screen timecode pulled directly off the SDI feeds using LTC, VITC 1 and VITC 2. So no more having to turn on the TC display via a tape deck or a camera, the monitors themselves can now display on screen TC. I’ve actually asked for a few improvements to this feature already.

For the rest, you have to look at Walter Biscardi’s blog, where I found this great news.

Thanks guys!