There is a great post on the Creative Cow in the BUSINESS AND MARKETTING forum. A sample contract for all those just getting into editing…well, that isn’t true. This is a sample contract for all those who have to deal with independent clients (ones not associated with television or education) who are low rent in every meaning of the word. Bottom feeders.

So much of this rings true it is scary. Here’s a small sample to get you interested:

I, (name here) henceforth to be referred to as “the dummy”, will contract to work on your ill-defined project for an unspecified amount of hours, with no limitations on how many times I will re-do the work, until you are satisfied, for a single, fixed, fee, payable by third-party out-of-state check, only once and long after you have been completely satisfied, and after you yourself (henceforth to be known as “the client”) have made any and all profit from the use of this work, but not if the project incurs no profits. Profits to be determined by Client’s verbal say-so. Client will decide when and if to pay for services rendered on a flexible net-2000 basis, with free extensions.

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