FINALLY! They have been filming the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group meetings diligently for a long time, but then would be very behind on the editing of them. And when they did come available, a year later…maybe…they might be out of date, or not marketted well (sorry Michael).

But now….NOW…they are on the ball. Now the meetings are all edited and up to date, and available online for a small…really small…fee. I mean, this is cheaper than going in person? But that money pays for all the great networking we have access to, and to the prizes that we all have a chance at winning (I won a G-Drive mini a couple meetings ago). Many thanks go out to the very devoted people who made this possible. Here’s the “press release” from the LAFCPUG newsletter:

We have caught up on past lafcpug meeting movies and you can now
subscribe and download them for a very low price each. (from .50 to $1.99

It’s so easy and so cheap. All you need do is go here:

Look left and click on “Sign up for a Customer Account” link. Fill in form.
Yes, you are asked for a credit card, but guess what, the first $5.00 of
lafcpug meetings are FREE. Meaning you can pick about 3-4 segments for
absolutely free.

After receiving your activation code email find the lafcpug meeting content
page and subscribe to it via iTunes. You are now set up and ready to
download. It’s that easy and those of you who do not live in LA can now feel
a part of the lafcpug experience. Some of these segments are worth gold.
Some are not. But hey, it’s cheap. Not much of a gamble here and you will
learn something.

So..go here and sign up and subscribe to the “LA Final Cut Pro User Group
Meeting Video Feed.”

Happy Learning!

Special thanks to Dean Cleary for shooting and editing. And Philip Hodgetts
and Gregory Clarke for inventing this whole thing.