OK, if you haven’t heard me talking about the Flanders Scientific monitors on the forums (mainly The Creative Cow), then let me mention here and now that I like these monitors. I did mention this before in my NAB WRAPUP for 2009, but not much.

I have the 1760W in my bay for a few weeks. I quickly swapped out the HD CRT (PVM-14L5) that I am using and put this in it’s place. The PVM replaced the utterly horrid LMD 2450W that was sitting there. I am using the PVM because I have to, but I am getting tired of the small 14″ monitor. When I first saw the Flanders I was blown away…GREAT color reproduction. Best monitor in it’s class…the sub $8000 market. Better than the JVCs, slightly better than the Panasonic 1760.

ANYWAY, I am not going to go into tons of detail because I am not an engineer. I just know that this monitor shows me a more accurate representation of the footage than most I have seen in it’s class. I wanted to say that if you are in the LA area and wanted to come and see it for yourself, please let me know. FSI doesn’t work through dealers, so there are no floor models on display anywhere. The FSI guys tend to fly around and show them off in person. The head guy Dan was just leaving LA for a few weeks, so instead of throwing the monitor into a storage locker, he lent it to me. So if you are interested, and local, either e-mail me at comeback@mac.com, or leave your e-mail in the comments.

Thank you.