Ok, after reading this article by Philip Hodgetts with his thoughts on the removal of the Express34 slot from the 15″ model…I think I am calming down and seeing things in perspective. He said something that I didn’t know. I didn’t watch the key note…I just read the updates on MacRumors. So I missed this:

Phil Schiller said during the presentation, only “single digit” numbers of their users use the ExpressCard34 slot. At least 90% of people were paying for a feature they didn’t use.

Single digit number of users use this slot. A vast majority of people don’t use that connection, so to them it is a waste of space and money. Most people use SD cards. OK then…I get it. Why include something that 90% people don’t use? But it isn’t like they ENTIRELY did away with this…it is still available on the 17″ for the editors who want it. And since the prices were lowered across the board, the 17″ starts at $2499, which is where most 15″ fall in price on average.

OK..so it is still an option, it didn’t go away, you just have to pay a little more. And there are still adapters out there for the SxS cards like there are for P2 cards. And I know that a lot of shooters with the EX line don’t use those expensive SxS cards anyway, they use the Compact Flash adapters for a cheaper reliable alternative. Still sucks for adding a Firewire bus or eSATA, but, as Philip also said (and something I have noticed as well):

Frankly, my experience with the ExpressCard34 slot has hardly been stellar: cards unmount with the slightest bump.

These are really delicate connections.

Anway…if are still jonzing to buy a 15″ model with the Express34 slot now is the time to leap. As the End of Life models will go for a deal, and re-firbs as well.