First a picture of me doing the demo. You have to click on this link, and you will see me in the far lower left corner. And note…the image quality of the picture is really bright, that isn’t how I color correct. (OK, bad joke.)

OK, so I started the demo with a question that my friend Andrew Balis asks all of his students. “How many people here have opened Color?” A good three dozen hands shot up. “OK, now how many of you never opened it again?” The same hands shot up, minus a few. Because, well, let’s admit it…Color is an application for professional colorists. For the editors who want to color correct but want more control over the colors than the 3-way color corrector gives you, Colorista is a good choice.

ANYWAY…I am straying into my speech. I can’t really do that in a blog.

So I started the demo. I showed a sequence with a lot of footage, containing speed changes and still images and mixed formats…sent it to Color. Showed off the rather complex interface, then went back into FCP and started to show the differences between the built in 3-Way Color Corrector and Colorista. I threw the 3-Way on a clip and pushed the blues in the Lows to the extreme…showed how it neons out the image. Then I dropped Colorista from my Favorite Effects onto a clip and…

Spinning Beachball…then crash. Ho boy.

So I launch FCP again. Then I drop the effect onto another clip and…beachball…crash.

Now, earlier that day during my lunch break I opened this project and was going through the demo to make sure I had all my ducks in a row. I threw the Colorista plugin on a clip and…beachball, crash. I did it several more times with the same result. So I trashed my FCP prefs…trashed the Colorista prefs (oops, that reset the serial number so I had to reinstall and add the SN again)…and then it was working again. I swear it was.

So here I am, in the middle of my demo…well, the beginning of my demo, and it is crashing again. So do I try to trash the prefs, reinstall the application and input the SN again…in front of the audience where they can see the number? What would I talk about?

So there I was…stuck saying things like “Well, if you could see this, what you would see is that I can put a second instance of Colorista as a secondary, or “Power Matte,” and highlight only this area and brighten it. All the while I was prepping to do all of that preference trashing. I had 15 minutes…all eyes on me…for a VERY visual demo that wasn’t working.

Then from the audience I hear someone say something. “What?” I ask.

“Instead of grabbing it from the Favorites why not drag it from the base folder?” That was Andrew Balis, but he was only repeating what the guy next to him said…an editor named Les.

“Ok…let’s try that.” So I grabbed it from the MAGIC BULLET folder in the Effects tab…dropped it on my clip…held my breath (I think the audience was too)…and it worked. FCP didn’t crash. Whew!

There was much applause and celebration.

I went on to finish my demo…and answer a few questions.

Thank you Les.

OH, and I did plan on recording it, but after the first crash I restarted the computer, and forgot to start recording again. I was a bit stressed.

So if you want a demo…albeit an old one…watch this one by Stu Maschwitz, the guy who created Colorista, is the one to see.