Wow, so many great videos out there. Here is a good one that is an introduction to Raylight’s MXFX 2.0 plugin for FCP. Great because it is informative and funny as hell:

IN short, MXFX will

– Remove pulldown
– Add pulldown
– Work with AVCIntra footage
– Convert 25p to 24p without re-encoding
– Convert 720p to 1080i, and 1080i to 720p
– Remove noise
– Flip your footage 180 degrees if you accidentally held your camera upside down…or used a lens adapter like the Redrock Micro.


– Converts MXF files to MXF files, P2 Cards to P2 Cards, preserves metadata

Now, this is mainly for Avid users…that is why it converts MXF to MXF. Not sure about FCP support…it doesn’t say so on the product page. I’ll ask Marcus.