When I was at NAB, hovering near the LAFCPUG Superbooth, I met my antithesis, Ross Shain. We shook hands, and I thought that there’d be a huge matter/anti-matter explosion as the result. But there wasn’t…something I attribute to the fact that his last name isn’t QUITE the same spelling as my first. Shain, not Shane. If it was exact, then I am sure the explosion would have been massive.

ANYWAY…Mr. Shain has written a great plugin for motion tracking, called MOCHA. Finally, we can do some of the needed graphics tracking that normally we’d have to go into MOTION to do (I have yet to learn Motion), or After Effects (I know after effects OK, but not an expert). This is something that keeps me in my comfort zone of FCP. Now, I have a copy, but have yet to play with it. I will soon, I promise. Because before I was either manually doing this, or getting the AE artist to do this.

I wanted to get the word out on this plugin, because it is so cool and is ÜBER useful. So keep it in mind as you watch this tutorial, posted on Studio Daily.