I gave a demonstration of Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Colorista in Las Vegas at NAB…in the Superbooth on the show floor. Now, this wasn’t as packed as I’d have liked to have seen it, so for people in the Los Angeles area, I will be doing the demo again, this time at the next LAFCPUG MEETING.

If you can’t make it to that, I understand. Either you don’t live here, or you are pretty far away, or you have to work. Well, they record the meetings and are SUPPOSED to post them online somewhere. I’ll look into that. I will also see about doing a screen capture of my demo and see if I can post that.

The basic gist is that Colorista gives you far better control of the colors that the built in 3-way color corrector does, and is far easier to use than Apple’s COLOR. No need to prep the timeline (no stills, not speed changes, all frame rates and codecs matching) and send to Color…and get lost in an interface designed for colorists. You can color correct in FCP with familiar looking tools, and even have Secondaries and the ability to highlight specific areas and only affect those areas (Power Windows).

There will be other people at the meeting too. “Patrick Woodward from DigitalFilm Tree will show off FCP workflow and footage with the Canon EOS 5D. Michael Weis and Sam Crutsinger will be reviewing the RED workflow they used shooting the indie road feature ‘Carried Away.'” So if you have that Canon still camera that shoots video and want to know how to edit it, or you want to look at a RED workflow (there are SO many), then come on down.