Before I go to see the new Star Trek, and bring my kids, I wanted to show them the first few movies. They are fans of the original series (loved the Tribbles episode), so I thought they’d like the movies. No, I did not start with STAR TREK, THE MOTION PICTURE. That was one boring snoozefest. I mean, a 12 minute flyover shot of the Enterprise? Please.

So we watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! My oldest loved it, even cried when Spock died (this has been out since 1982 so NO SPOILER THERE!). And we will watch STIII and STIV before Saturday to get them ready. Really, I wanted to watch STII because of the mention of the Kobyashi Maru test…something I think that is in the new Trek movie. Has to be…Kirk is in Star Fleet Academy.

OK, this is all besides the point. I told a good friend of mine that we watched it and he gave me the link to the trailer on YouTube. HOLY COW, what a piece of CRAP! I mean…cripes, that was horrible. I don’t think I would have had ANY interest in seeing a movie based on that trailer. Don’t believe me? Here:

Star Trek III is no better:

Ugh. Was it only limited to the Star Trek movies? We started looking at more SciFi trailers from around that time.


The Black Hole (which wasn’t all that good of a MOVIE anyway):

Heck, even THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK isn’t all that good:

Got me wondering, were ALL trailers that bad? Or did they just dump the SciFi trailers on the dirty guy who hangs out in the back room? I mean, oochie the Trek ones sucked. So we started looking up others, like RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (my favorite film)


An Officer and a Gentleman:



My buddy found a list of the other box office toppers of 1982 and we looked them up on YouTube, like TOOTSIE (trailer not that good), Poltergeist (eeeh), Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (pretty good), and First Blood (a very good trailer). They don’t hold up well to the trailers lately, but some were decent. But MAN…STII was just plain awful. Lordy…I would NOT want to see that movie.

Also look up STAR WARS..the original. That trailer is iffy too.

(yes, I am rendering in COLOR and twiddling my thumbs…)