This comes from my pal Jeremy Garchow, who has a blog over on the Creative Cow. He, like I, deals a lot with P2…but he really gets into the metadata, which is valuable information. He, like I, am a big fan of MXF4QT when it comes to importing P2 into FCP, as it retains all of the metadata recorded onto the clips, and maps that information to columns in FCP. That and it allows FCP to edit the MXF files natively…so no lengthy LOG AND TRANSFER.

As if THAT wasn’t cool enough, Andreas Kiel of Spherico Film Tools and Björn Adamski of MXF4mac have been working on a P2 metadata editor called P2 Flow that will allow you to add and edit this metadata, and send all kinds of useful information to FCP.

Here, read Jeremy’s blog post about this before I plagiarize his site any further.

Here is the LINK to the demo video. There is no audio. You can SAVE AS a QT movie on your computer and then scale it to fit.