I love the EDITORS LOUNGE that Terry Curren puts on at Alpha Dog in Burbank. And I really wish he’d start it later than 6:30 so that I can make it. Most of my jobs has me an hour or more away from there, so I miss them. BUT, I do get to see the highlights online. And that is great.

Studio Daily has two highlights from the last EDITOR’S LOUNGE that are really good to watch:

The AlphaDogs Editors’ Lounge in April featured a panel of four seasoned editors with diverse backgrounds talking about the craft of editing and how it has changed since they got in the business. In this series of videos, feature film editor Billy Weber, reality TV editor Glenn Morgan, trailers editor Carol Streit and jack-of-all trades editor Terry Curren discuss the lessons they have learned in decades of work and offer bits of wisdom not found in any film school or editing manual.

To watch the videos, CLICK HERE. To watch the entire lounge, CLICK HERE.