Dang, the only place I didn’t get too…the Sonnet Tech booth. I saw it, made a note to go there…was intercepted by someone I knew…forgot about it. So I didn’t get to see the new Sonnet Qio…eSATA controller for MacPros and MacBook Pros. Engadget did though:

“Among the company’s newest kit is Qio, a media card reader / writer that includes a E4P SATA host controller, four eSATA ports, and the usual array of P2, SxS and CompactFlash slots. If that weren’t enough, this device also includes an adapter so that your SD and XF cards don’t feel left out. Available for both desktop (PCIe) and laptop owners (ExpressCard), the HDD controller supports port multipliers allowing users to access up to 20 drives. Available sometime next month, pricing to be determined.”

I wonder if this is another option to P2 injest for MacBook Pros…so we don’t have that issue with the Duel Systems Adapter not working. And this connects to MAC PROS…so an option for the towers as well. I’ll try to get a hold of an evaluation unit and run it through the paces.