OK, I have an odd issue when trying to output from FCP to HDCAM. Here is the thread I started at the Creative Cow.

Here is the first post:


MacPro 3.2 Ghz, 8GB RAM
AJA Kona 3
Footage stored on internal SATA drive
ProRes 422…captured from HDV, but ProRes 422. 1080i 59.94
22:45 TRT
Outputting to HDCAM SR…1080i 59.94.

Everything is fully rendered. FULLY. Yet, when I go to EDIT TO TAPE, ASSEMBLE EDIT…I get WRITING TO VIDEO for 18 min. Whyyyy? What is it writing?

To solve this I thought I’d be clever and do what I did when I took my stuff (DVCPRO HD stuff) to a post house to be output. I exported a self contained QT movie, then brought it back in, and put it in a new sequence with all of my audio stems. Tried again.

26-min write to video. WTF?

What is going on? Never had this before. I get it when it is HDV, but ProRes? Even after I made a self contained QT movie with no text?

AUDIO VIDEO settings, under AV Devices…the DIFFERENT OUTPUT to ETT box is unchecked

I thought it was the way I was blacking the tape. Initially I would use Edit to Tape and choose USE CURRENT SETTINGS…but then I have this issue. I thought I solved it by manually choosing AJA KONA 1080i 29.97 ProRes, but no, that didn’t solve it either. Then I blacked the tape using the deck to provide the coding information…and yes, I have tri-sync going to the deck.

So I am at a complete loss. Anyone have any pointers on what to try? All suggestions welcome…but read the thread first to see what was already suggested.



I called Terry Curren and he and a collegue had me adjust one of the RT settings, PLAYBACK QUALITY from DYNAMIC to HIGH. Then my entire timeline turned orange. NO wonder it was WRITING VIDEO.

So, why was it orange? I compared the clips settings with the sequence settings and everything matched…to a “T.” I couldn’t figure it out. So I asked a friend at Apple who asked me to send him a screen shot of my clip settings, sequence settings and RT menu. He asked if I was using multiclips…I wasn’t. So he said turn that off. He also said “oh, and turn off VIDEO SCOPES PLAYBACK.”

I did…BOOM…fully rendered again. Then I output to tape and it does it instantly…no writing.

I am doing the happy dance of joy around my bay!

I didn’t even have the scopes ON…wow.