Man, what sort of flip-flopper am I? Worse than John Kerry, that’s for sure.

OK, so it looks like I can go to NAB after all. The company I work with wants me to go, and some of my tax return money came in a little early, so away I go!

I will be at the Supermeet I mentioned before (one post below), and I will be in the Final Cut Pro User Group booth on Wednesday at 4:00PM giving a demonstration of Magic Bullet Colorista by Red Giant Software.

Color can be a little daunting. It is very powerful and is geared towards the professional colorist, and the workflow takes a bit to figure out and get used to. So you might want to color correct your footage directly in Final Cut Pro, but you want a tool that is more powerful than the built in 3-Way Color Corrector. Colorista is the answer. I have used this on more than a few projects and really like it. So I wanted to share with people a great alternative to Color.

So if you are going to NAB and want to say “hey dude,” that is where I’ll be.