I am not going to NAB this year. Which is a shame because the WHOLE REASON I go is to network and hang out with the people I know across the country. This is the only place I can see them all at the same time. And the place I run into most of them is the Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet.

But alas, I will be missing it this year. Which is a shame because this year they are giving away $67,000 (and growing) worth of stuff. Did you hear me? $67,000! I mean, holy crap! What a year to miss. OH, and they have a bunch of people talking about interesting stuff…and they serve beer. Where else can you chat with people you haven’t seen in years, or only know online…drink beer…and have a chance to win a fabulous prize? Not a dentists convention. Not at a lawyer convention. HELL NO! Only at a FCPUG convention.

Here are the details:

You can get a sneak peak at the agenda here


Its not complete and we have one more addition that we are waiting on.


This year for the very first time, the FCPUG Network will have a booth on the show floor. Booth #SL10129 will be located in the lower-lower South Hall conveniently near the Blackmagic Design booth, the food area and public restrooms. The idea of this booth is to make it THE social gathering spot for all FCS and Digital moviemakers who find themselves in need of learning and connecting. Since Apple won’t be on the show floor we hope to fill part of that void.

The SuperBooth will have a different presentation almost every 20 minutes for all 4 days of the NAB Show. Presenters will include: Alex Lindsey, Mark Spencer, Steve Kanter, Rob Birnholz, Dan Berube, Philip Hodgetts, Larry Jordan, Arthur Smith, Noah Kadner, Jim Kanter, Gary Adcock, Cynthia Stein, John Flowers, Norman Hollyn, Joanne Dorgan and Kim Salyer, Anthony Artis, Ernie Schaffer, Rich Harrington. And more.

SuperDVD and SuperMag
This years edition of the SuperMag will be over 170 pages long filled with tutorials you need to read as well as feature stories you will want to read. It will be available on our SuperDVD which we will hand out to the first 1000 people at the SuperMeet. The SuperDVD will contain over 4GBs of content for the digital movie maker and FCS user. Free plugins, free video tutorials, free templates, free stock footage, demo software, discount coupons and so much more. 4GBs of cool stuff to drag to your desktop.

Raffle Prizes:

Total value of the World Famous Raffle as of this writing is $67,000 and still counting.

Daily updates, as well as the button to buy tickets can be found here.


To register for your free NAB Show floor pass go here and use code TP01:


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