So I will be attending NAB this year…ON MY OWN. I will not be working for anyone, which is a first for me. I’ll be able to take my time and walk the floor and really look at the offerings. Instead of gobbling down lunch and dashing around the hall grabbing brochures and glancing at the products. I can also stay up late partying, and SLEEP IN. Before I would still stay up late partying, but have to get up early and work the floor the next day. SO to those who I talked to first thing after the doors opened, I apologize. Now I can sleep in and get rest and lounge by the pool for a while subjecting the other poor guests to my not so hard editor’s body.

WHY AM I SAYING ALL OF THIS? Well, to let people know I will be there and to keep an eye out for me if they want to meed me (picture is here on the Creative Cow, although my hair is a bit shorter)…and to say “Hey, if you want to go to, I have a free passcode for you to use to get you onto the floor for free.” So…

Hey, if you want to go to, I have a free passcode for you to use to get you onto the show floor for free:

Free Exhibits Passport Code: TP01
This pass includes access to the exhibit floor and the opening keynote – a $150 value. Please pass along and visit to redeem.

There, now your trip to Vegas just got cheaper. Now you just need to find a decent hotel. And take cabs…rental cars and driving is just too much of a pain. Plus with all the partying you do (this is Vegas)…you’ll want a cab.

Walk the floor…there is a LOT to see…covering all aspects of broadcasting. And look at the SUPER SESSIONS too…they offer valuable information on a variety of topics from the top people in their field. Yeah yeah, it is back to school in Vegas. Just know that after school activites are better than they were in high school. Well, funner.

See (some of you) there.