To those who shoot and edit with HDV, this is nothing new. If it is, then you haven’t been looking hard enough. This is something VERY common with the GOP formats, HDV specifically. A producer of mine was seriously considering a Sony ZU1 as the b-camera to a Varicam. Until he shot some test footage, and went frame by frame on a zoom shot and saw…well…this.

This is the crap you see when you pan, tilt or zoom quickly. Now, all of you HDV fans, justify THIS. Tell me that this is acceptable. Apparently it is because Discovery cleared HDV for BRONZE level programming, and it is acceptable by other networks. BetaSP never did this. Digibeta never did this. D2, MII, Umatic 3/4″, D1…even DV never did this. Yet this is common with HDV.

To me this is unacceptable. But, this is what I am stuck with for now.

Most people think that ‘rolling shutter’ is something they can live with too. Why are our standards getting worse?