OK, I need to clear the air with some people. On this current job, I am considered a FINISHING EDITOR…or another term for this is ONLINE EDITOR. I am not, nor do I consider myself, a COLORIST. A colorist is someone who only color corrects, and can work MAGIC with Color, or a DaVinci. Me? I can make things look good and make the signal legal for broadcast. I might be able to pull off a decent secondary or two and use a power window, or regions, whatever you know it as. But I do not know the finer details of color correction…I make no claim to that.

My job is to take the creative cut, prep it for online by dealing with the speed changes and moves on stills…add the final graphics, add the final text and credits. Media manage the project and recapture any footage that might need recapturing. Then yes, I take it into Color to color correct and send it back, but most of the stuff was shot in camera so I don’t have to treat it much. Mainly I make sure it looks good, consistent, and is legal. Then I output to tape. A lot of busy work. The work of an online editor.

And thus far I am enjoying it. Enjoying getting out of my creative head and into my technical one. At least for a little while.