After a month and a half of nearly nothing…small job here, small job there, feature doc to tackle in the meantime…so I guess by nothing I mean nothing FULL TIME PAYING. After a month of being without FULL TIME gainful employment I am now full time gainfully employed. And this time I won’t be a creative cutter, the offline guy, I will be the online editor…the finishing guy. Color correcting, formatting for output, adding the final audio from the mix.

It’s nothing I don’t know…I did this for Andrew Jackson and Mexican American War. Only this time I will be using COLOR. Before I relied on the 3-way color corrector and Colorista. And I like Colorista, only this is a multi-station environment, so I need to use a standard application, so I will be using COLOR. About time I learn this application.

To learn this application I am turning to a tutorial DVD. I have two, COLOR, done by Alexis Van Hurkman, the guy who wrote the Color Manual, and has that great Encyclopedia of Color Correction. The other DVD I have is from the Walter Biscardi’s STOP STARING AND START GRADING WITH APPLE’S COLOR.

Which did I choose? Well, I chose Alexis’ because I have his book and liked it, and, well, I got it first. If I get lost I might switch to Walter’s.