Avid has released a NEW update. This is something VERY unheard of in Avid land. It used to be a year between updates, but since last year they went from 2.8 to 3.0…then a few bug fixes, then 3.0.5 answered a great request to highlight everything on the timeline from here to the left, or right, or in to out. Then 3.1 added more stuff. A flurry of updates, enhancements and fixes.

And they aren’t done yet.

Avid just announced Avid 3.5…and it is stock full of features.

– No Dongle. Online activation now…OH, and 14 day free trial. Take that Apple.
– Stereoscopic editing. For those not in the know, that is the 3D format that is making a comeback.
– Key frameable color correction
– Avid Media Access Architecture: Customers can automatically link clips from a third-party volume (Panasonic P2 or Sony XDCAM HD/EX) devices into an Avid editing bin, without having to transcode or store the media on their system. HUGE.
– Native XDCAM support

Oh, who am I kidding. Scott Simmons of the EditBlog already wrote a GREAT in depth review of this update on Studio Daily. I won’t even try to repeat what he said as he said it best. So go there and read it.

No mention of pricing yet…3PM today for that.