OK, because it is Saturday and I really should be paying attention to my kids, I will just cut/paste from Final Cut User the description of the latest show.

John Flowers was nice enough to invite myself and others to discuss the on going FCP/Avid marketshare talk which can always turn into a heated battle but with this crew we stayed very level headed. The majority of us think Avid is loosing market share to FCP . This is a long show but worth the listen. A lot of what is covered is detailed in the show notes…a sample of which is below.

Whats the show about –
Five people. Five opinions. A civil discussion about Avid and Final Cut’s market share, how much editors get paid for both systems, houses who are installing Avid and Final Cut. The discussion later turns to Adobe Premiere, Apple Color, Assimilate Scratch and how they are poised in the industry, along with a conversation about supporting the RED Camera.

Approximately 2 hours long. Or, as mentioned on the show, “at least two train rides.”

In this episode, we ask the questions:

Is Avid “losing market share?”
Is Avid behind Final Cut in features?
Has Avid’s market share actually increased?
Is Avid or Final Cut the “Industry Standard” today?
Can Avid or Final Cut “gain market share” in the industry?
Hollywood vs. Indie Film – who owns each market?
Can you make more money with one NLE or the other?
What about the lagging editor systems, like Adobe Premiere?

You can download it directly from That Post Show website, or find it on iTunes HERE.