It appears that we will have ourselves a little shootout.

This all stems from a comment made on this blog post. The “anonymous” poster was ripping on the new Caldigit VR as being flimsy and next to junk. And mentioned that the G-Raid 3 is much better. (Interesting that they commented on a post I made a year and a half ago about the FIREWIRE VR…I didn’t announce the CalDigit VR at all.)

So…I contacted CalDigit and asked for a CalDigit VR review unit, and contacted G-Technology and asked for a G-Raid 3 review unit. Looking at both you can see that they are very evenly paired up. Both have a quad interface…USB2, FW400, FW800 and eSATA, both contain two SATA drives that you can raid together as Raid 0, and both tout over 200+MB/s read/write speeds. In fact, Caldigit touts…and I quote…”The CalDigit VR can do 220MB/s with the eSATA port on new Mac Pro’s it’s true!”

I intend to see if that’s true. I have the most current version MacPro. I have an eSATA card. I will run speed tests on both drives via FW400, FW800 and eSATA. I will also compare the noise level of both units. And see how much I can dig under the hood to see how well these units are built. If they hold true to their forms, both will be solid.

I hope to live up to Rob-Art and the standards in which are well known for.

Stay tuned.