I’d like to announce the premiere episode of my very own podcast, THE EDIT BAY. Yes, I know…”not ANOTHER podcast!” There seems to be a lot of them out there. I aim to be different. This podcast will not be technical in nature, and it won’t be guys talking about a variety of topics. This will be stories from the edit bay. The stuff we editors share over beers at the bar or chatting in a co-workers edit bay while we are rendering out a timeline. The fun times, the disasters, the problem clients, the times WE messed up. But very simply these are the stories of the stuff that happens when we are editing. It might be a story from me, it might be a story from a co-worker or a friend. I might tell it, I might have a guest relate a story. It might contain some technical details, but only if it ads to the story.

The aim is to keep this small…between 3 and 6 minutes. Not enough to fill your commute, unless you are very close to work. But enough to keep your interest. And this will be a weekly podcast, coming out every Tuesday morning, God willing. While I am working on all of the technical details on how to get this posted on iTunes, you will have to live with coming here to get the latest episodes. I will try to get a link on the side…but I am not the most technical guy when it comes to the web.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Click here to play.