The latest project I am working on is a feature documentary, one that an avid reader (pardon the pun) asked me to help edit. He happened to notice a blog post that I posted BEGGING for work (I admit to being pretty desperate), but I pulled it down after 10 minutes…thinking it an unprofessional way to ask for work. BUT, Steve (the director) noticed it and asked if I would help. I met him, got a copy of what he had cut thus far…watched it…liked what I saw…and said yes.

This is my first feature doc, so I am pretty excited.

So here I am looking at footage. Not only looking at the footage, but organizing it. There is some organization, so that helps. But I am a tad…particular…when it comes to organization. I have a system that me and most of the editors I work with use. One that I talk about on my DVD (link on the right). This really does help me, because I need to look at the footage, and organizing it is the best way to see what you have.

A lot of clips still have their generic P2 names (this was shot with the HVX-200), so I am naming the clips as I go along. A lot easier to look for footage of the Chicago skyline when it is called CHICAGO SKYLINE, and not And I am separating STOCK FOOTAGE from B-ROLL from INTERVIEWS and STILLS.

Now, when I watch the cut again I know what footage I have and what footage I will need.