Ever wonder how those music videos get that great light leak that looks like a film roll out? Or that the camera magazine wasn’t light-proof? Want to make your video look like a really old film that has been played 500 times and thrown on the floor? Well, this is something I see asked a lot on the editing forums. And yes, there are film effects plugins that can do a fairly decent job with the scratches and grains, but what about the light leaks? Film roll outs? CONVINCING dirt and grain?

Well, I have a brand spankin’ new tutorial to share with the world. This tutorial is on ArtBeats.com and it “shows you how film effects like light leaks and film damage can be incorporated into your video footage to give them a more convincing film look.” How to use film effect clips you can download from their site and composite them with your footage to make it look more like actual film.

I demo how to do this with Avid and Final Cut Pro. I’ll tell you right now it is a lot easier and the effects show up much better on FCP, as it has more advanced compositing capabilities.

Here is the direct link that gets you right to the tutorial: FILM EFFECTS