While I am in this flurry of posting while at the LAFCPUG meeting, and because the author of this book is ALSO here, I would like to give a shout out to Norm Hollyn. He has written a book that is NOT technical in nature, but rather about the CREATIVE aspect to editing. This book is called The Lean Forward Moment

Cluttering your head with a lot of technical mumbo jumbo on how to use technology and all of these non-linear editing applications is of the LEAST of your concern. Yeah, you need to know how to use the tool, but really, as an editor your main concern should be with storytelling. How can you best tell the story that needs to be told. THAT, my friends, is the art of editing. That is why editing is an art, not a technical skill. You need to know enough about how to use the tools so that they are so second nature that they do not distract you from being able to tell the story.

Now, I will admit that I myself haven’t read it yet…but I just ordered it from Amazon.com. I will dive into it, just as soon as I finish Jonathan Livingston Seagull…so that I can talk about that with my daughter.