Last summer I taught part of a production class at Citris College in Orange County. One of those students, David Reynosa, took what we taught him and shot a commercial for the POM pomagranite drink. This commercial is part of a contest that can be found here. His is called OPERATION POM (the one with the pomagranite in the crosshairs of a gun). Please go and watch it…and vote if you like it.

To make things easy for you I’ll post the original YouTube version here. But please, if you like it, vote for it.

Shot with the HVX-200 and edited with FCP.

EDIT: I have been posting a lot of video links lately. Pardon my selfishness, but I want to share my friends video to ensure that more people see them. I only post what I think is watchable. SOOOOO much video out there is unwatchable.