For the last two and a half months I have been working on a series of three specials for the Discovery Channel. Now, I won’t go into the horrid details, but due to a lot of issues in production and post…and lack of communication between a few parties…the series has been put on hold for “re-tooling.” This includes rethinking the approach to the subjects, re-shoots, re-scripting…and what is called “fresh eyes” on the series. This means that they let everyone go…everyone but one associate producer who worked production and post…and are bringing in a fresh crew.

Yes, I was fired. But not in a bad way. There was no malice on the production company’s end. In fact, they were nice enough to give us two weeks notice. Thus giving us two weeks of time to look for work…oh, and work a little bit on the show, organizing things for the new batch of people coming in who will have to look at all the footage. Now, this is uncommon…normally they say “we need to put the show on hold for now. So you can all go home now.” It isn’t uncommon for a project to be shut down and fresh eyes to be brought in. I have been the fresh eyes on more than one occasion. This just happens to be the first time I was on the other end of it. Yes, it hurt, but I’ll get over it.

In the meantime things are slow. Production seems to be drying up all over town…recession hitting here too. All of my go-to companies either are still gearing up for work, or have wrapped or have had shows canceled. Not good. But, I did find a short term gig cutting a promo for a show…goes for three days. And I get to work on it from home, instead of dealing with the hour-each-way commute to Santa Monica. Which means that I can work in my PJs again! HA! Well, not really. My office is now in my garage, and it is chilly out there. But it is nice to have the extra time to work instead of sitting behind the wheel, burning gas. Nice to have understanding producers.

And I have agreed to help cutting an independent feature doc for a follower of this blog. That doesn’t pay much, but it is a very interesting topic and one that will educate me on another topic, which is nice. It is a foot in the feature doc world and a project that I can play with stylistically. That is always good.