If you are a fan of comic books you know about the graphic novel series THE WATCHMEN. Well, they are making a movie based on that series and it looks darn good. Now I won’t go into the legal issues that have been going on between FOX and Warner Brothers about who owned the rights and blah blah blah…but what is REALLY interesting is the level of viral (internet) marketting that the film is getting. I mean, it is really clever. Not only is there the website full of behind the scenes stuff…lots of movies have that.

But who else has a great fake newscast from 1970? One that looks VERY authentic? Lookee…

Then there is this great picture on Flikr. And a website based on the underground newspaper The New Frontiersman.

And yeah, I know the lady editing all this behind the scenes stuff (although she didn’t edit the newscast). So I get some of the links right when they go up.

If you haven’t read the graphic novel…you should. It is all over the bookstore shelves now. It helps to be a fan of superheroes, as this is the ultimate “real world” look at how heroes might exist in reality. Real personalities and personal conflicts, not just “can I make it to class on time after I defeat Doc Oc” (although Spider-man is my personal favorite) or “I hope no one recognizes me with these glasses on.”

OK, enough. Off to bed.

EDIT: Speaking of the lady editing all of the stuff, her name is Yvonne Petersen and I have to point out her website. Click on FILM EDITOR and you will see her reel, including all of the WATCHMEN stuff she has edited. Us editors don’t get enough credit sometimes, so I want to give credit where credit is due.